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27 October 2013 @ 08:36 pm
Star Trek Enterprise: Vox Sola  
Hahahah! Not even five minutes into the episode, and T'Pol is being sassy! :P

Aw, Trip is so good at cheering people up! <3 He's such a good friend! :) And husband! <3

AHAHAHAH! I love how Travis gets Malcolm to go to movie night by telling him that things blow up! *giggles*

And can we talk about how much I want to go to movie night on the Enterprise!?!?!? *huge goofy grin*

Poor Hoshi! :/

Archer + Trip + pretzels and beer= CUTEST NIGHT EVER!

Ewwwww, gross this is so damn creepy! O___O


Aw! I love it when T'Pol and Hoshi work together! :D

This episode is super gross!

That was the most beautiful thing I think T'Pol has ever said! She's so amazing! *wibbles everywhere*

This was a good and interesting episode. Sort of creepy, but very good! :D
My little corner of the galaxy...: Bones Original Smilemibu_roshi on October 28th, 2013 07:14 am (UTC)
I actually really felt for the life form in this episode. I imagine it was very alone and afraid and wasn't really certain what to do. I was really happy they were able to return all of it home!

I really like the kind of friendship T'Pol and Hoshi have! Hoshi always gets so nervous she isn't doing things right and then T'Pol always tells her that she respects her and it always makes Hoshi feel so much better and I think it's really sweet!

Malcolm Reed is a lot like me sometimes. We really have the same completely terrible reasons for wanting to watch films.

Can I also say I really love the fact that Malcolm literally like invents or makes almost every tool used by Starfleets tactical section like to this day!

Also I really loved the little show down between him and Phlox in the Med Bay. Phlox was right and I was glad he stood up to Malcolm. I always feel like the Doctor on the ship has to walk this very thin line of wanting to protect the crew but also wanting to help other life forms and I don't always feel like this get recognized enough or hard it must be on them.

Travis saving the day by apologizing was adorable! I was literally squeeing all over when it happened!