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Becky's journal!!!

"She belongs to neither the light or the dark, but walks the twilight between.."

30 April 1984
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Hi, I'm Becky! I'm a 25 year old nerd who loves life, ice cream, sunshine, and Ninja Turtles! XD
Renamon = Smexiest anime beast EVAH!

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Date Created:3/23/07
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"Even if I have no talent, I will surpass a genius with hard work! That is my way of the ninja!"(RockLee~~Naruto) I am Nerd Incarnate. Beware of my intelligent antics, obscure interests, and dangerously potent sex drive. Digimon, Final Fantasy, Ninja Turtles and anime...are Love.
Strengths: Open mind, cheerful, loyal, gentle, optimistic and kind. ^__^
Weaknesses: Lack of self confidence, easily disappointed, quick to cry, EXTREMELY forgetful! -_-;;;
Special Skills: Reading, writing, humping Raphael, and being a hyperactive-hopelessly romantic-ninja turtle lovin' fangirl!
Weapons: Tough shell, Claws & Fangs, Rawr! =^^=
Fantastic Obsessions: Ninja Turtles, Raphael, Anime, Digimon, Video Games, Final Fantasy, comics, Furries, and Booooooks! :)

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Name: Rebecca Sara Foulks

Nicknames: Becky (everyone), Rebecca (co-workers), Bek (Liz, Justin, and Nick),

Online Names: Midnight_Prowler---This was my name when I used to rpg on Lion King chat rooms. Shut up, I know I’m weird! @_@ Noble_Maiden---I use this for Fanfiction.net. This was my first online penname, and I sort of feel nostalgic about it so I’ve never changed it. Renamon_slave---my old livejournal name and also my aim name. Ehehe, that damn sexy fox. raphs_mistress---Mah new lj name! XD I'm Raphs-Girl024 on deviantart. Whew! o_O;;

Gender: Female

Location: Audubon, NJ. I live with my four cats (Maho, Roxas, Kairi, and Moukou.) and my rat, Chiaroscuro. (I was born in Florence, New Jersey)

Sexuality: Very bisexual. ;P

Weight: 130, Yay for metabolism! *chomps on fries*

Hair & Eyes: My eyes are dark brown, and my hair is super-ass long (past my butt!) but a lighter shade of brown.

Birthdate: 4/30/84.

Zodiac: Taurus

Chinese Zodiac: Rat

Beliefs: Well, I’m Wiccan so I’m very nature-ish in my beliefs about the world. I’m also very open-minded so there isn’t too much that offends or disgusts me. “It’s so easy to doubt people. Anyone can do it. Be someone who believes in people.” (Fruits Basket)

Real Life Occupation: Service advisor at Barlow Chevrolet (hopefully I’ll be an author someday!

Online Occupation: Fanfiction writer, Ninja Turtle addict, perseverant anime downloader, Digimon apprentice.

Family: Mother, father, and younger sister. The relationship between my parents and I is occasionally unstable. At times it’s fine, and other times it sucks monkey balls. My sister and I have different views on alot of things, but we get along okay. ^_^

Friends: My cousin Liz, her boyfriend Justin, and his bro CJ are my closest pals whom I'd be lost without. We're always hanging out and they put up with my weird obsessions! XD Lea, Mairead, Kaz, and Coral-my Turtle sisters! XD I LOVE these guys, what the heck would I do without them? Chuck-my awesome boyfriend who takes wonderful care of me! <3 And of course; Jose, Leah, Janet, Ivy, Leanne, Gene, Nikki, Kristin, Lori, and the rest of my online pals!

Pets: My puppy Pokey still lives at my parents house. WAH!!!! I want her here with me! T_T I have four cats who are the cutest and sweetest things ever! *squishes them to her bosom* And a rat!

Brief Summary of Social Status: I can be pretty antisocial, actually! -_-;;; I’m a HUGE nerd, so most of my friends are nerds also.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, running around outside, downloading anime, drooling over fanficcies.

Addictions: Books, Digimon, Raphael, Taito, Ninja Turtles, Renamon, Naruto, anime, Final fantasy, yaoi, yuri, fanfiction

Music: My favorite music is from Digimon. I swear it’s the best music I’ve ever heard! Stuff from Gravitation and Naruto is equally addicting. I do listen to Disney soundtracks as well as J-pop, J-rock, and anime show tunes. My favorite artists are Maaya Sakamoto, Yui Horie, Yoko Kanno, Sakura Tange, Yoko Ishida, AiM, Rie Tanaka, TM Revolution, Puffy Ami & Yumi, L’arc~en~Ciel, Kouji Wada, etc. I also LOVE the High School Musical soundtracks, and anything from Miley Cyrus and Loreena Mckennit.

Music that Freaks me out: Rap. That stuff scares me…

Favorite All Time Music:
(1) My Place (Digimon tamers)
(2) Cocktail (Spiral)
(3) Sobakasu (Rurouni Kenshin)
(4) Tenshi no Yubikiri (Kare Kano)
(5) Prism (Card Captor Sakura)

Anime: I’ve been an anime whore for over 7 years now and have seen over 300+ series! *passes out* The top ten that I love most are:
(1) Revolutionary Girl Utena
(2) Digimon
(3) Naruto
(4) Sailormoon
(5) Haibane Renmei
(6) Magic Knight Rayearth
(7) Fruits Basket
(8) Saikano
(9) Card Captor Sakura
(10) Bleach

Current Game Addictions: As always: Replaying oldschool FF's and Fire Emblem remains my heart and soul. I've also been messing around with Final Fantasy XII, Suikoden, and Pokemon goodness, and of course KINGDOM HEARTS AND KINGDOM HEARTS II!!!

Favorite Movies: Rent, American Beauty The Adolescence of Utena, all the Turtle movies, The Lion King, Simba’s Pride, 4th Digimon Movie-Diaboromon Returns, LOTR trilogy

Favorite Musicals: Phantom of the Opera, All three High School Musicals, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Lion King

Personality: I’m cheerful and bright most of the time! For the most part I’m good-natured, open minded, and easily excited. I am however quite forgetful and tend to suffer from low self esteem.

Favorite to Read: Harry Potter, FANFICTION, anything by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Diana Paxson, Alice Hoffman, Janet Evanovich, Jean Plaidy, Philippa Gregory Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton, Patricia Mckillip, and Brian Jacques

I Love Naruto

I Love Sasuke

Taito is love

Feel the Love.

Simba is love.


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